John Welbank

Male Abt 1380 - Abt 1440

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  • Name  John Welbank 
    Born  Abt 1380  North Cowton Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • He had recently died in 1441, and had an adult son from a second marriage, as said son was occupying a messuage in his own right. So was born more than 42 years earlier.
    Gender  Male 
    Died  Abt 1440  North Cowton Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Note  1444 or 1477  suit of formedon in the descender Find all individuals with events at this location 
    This suit is listed on RPalmer as both 1444 and 1477. As far as I can transcribe and translate it, in the 20th year of Henry VI's reign (1441) John Laton sued against Christine Welbank widow of John Welbank, and John Welbank, in Richmond. They each are in possession of one messuage in North Coweton, which were given to the late John Welbank because he married a woman from the Laton family, for the benefit of their children. She died without leaving children, but he kept the right to the messuages for life, and remarried to Christine and had a son John. When he died, the messuages should have reverted to the Laton family, but Christine and John kept them.

    Since that judgment, the messuages have not been returned, John Laton has died leaving Robert Laton as his son and heir, and Christopher Boynton has got onto the land and is holding it.

    Robert Laton is described as an "armiger" ie he has the right to a coat of arms. Although the late John Welbank was not an armiger, he had enough standing to be considered a suitable husband for a woman from the Laton family (probably John Laton's sister).

    work in progress:
    pres fuit [was] vic qdl tum quidam Johes Laton nuper [lately] in Cur [administration] H sexti [sixth] nuper de fid [faith] et non de inre Regis [King] Angl apud [among] Westm scilt tame sti. Hillary anno regin sin vicesimo [twentieth] stda coram [before] Rico Fenton et socys suis [his partners] tunc [thereupon] Justis ipius nuper ut premittit [permits] Regis de Banco [Kings Bench] recuperasset [recovered] seniam suam [its .... ]
    versus Cristinam qua fuit uxor Johis Welbank [against Christina who was the wife of John Welbank] de uno mesuagis triginta acris [of one messuage of thirty acres] tre et duabus acris prati [two acres of meadowland] cum pertm in North Coweton
    et versus Johem Welbank de uno mesuagis triginta acris tre et duabus acris prati in eadem villa [the same village].
    ut ind sim per bre ipius......ut premittit Regis de forma donatois in distendera [forme don in descender] per defaltam [by default] iporum [the actual] Cristina et Johis prout per recordum [according to the record] et protessum inde in Cur ura. coram Justis uris apud Westm residencia [a court to examine the decisions of a predecessor] lignet manifeste [plainly] execuas [enforced] tamen [however] indicy [evidence] pda ad huc [until now] restat faciend [remains to be done] et predict Johes Laton mortuus est [the aforesaid John Laton is dead] ac quidam [and also some] Cristoforus Boynton armiger pdta ten cum pertin modo ingressus est et illa tenet [has just now entered and holds it] contra formam [fashion] recuperacois [recovery] pdte prout ex insumacoe Roba Laton armiger fily et her pda Johis Laton [Robert Laton, arms-bearer, son and heir of the aforesaid John Laton] accepunus et quia [because] etc quod per probos [which is for the good] etc scire fac profat [make speaking out] Cristoforo qdl esset his ad hunc diem [at this day] solt a dia sci Hillary in xv dies ostens [exhibiting] si quid [what] etc quare [why] predict Robens senam de mesuagys et alys ten predas versus pro Thomam List attorn sui et vis modo mand qdl mandanit plenu [full] returnu uris predts John Conyers aqilit Ballino din Regis libtatis [freedom] sue Richmond tui etc Et qui nullus [no one] etc Jo. pres est vis qdl scire [know] faciat profat Cristoforo qdl sit hic a die pasthe in xv dies ostens in forma pdca si etc Et vic non omittat [disregard] prorit [proof] libertatte [freedom] predictam etc 
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    Family 1  Laton,   d. Before 1418 
    Married  1410 
    Last Modified  30 Jul 2020 
    Family ID  F279  Group Sheet

    Family 2  Christina 
    Married  Before 1419 
     1. John Welbank,   b. Abt 1415, North Cowton Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. Thomas Welbank,   b. Abt 1425?, North Cowton Find all individuals with events at this location
    Last Modified  30 Jul 2020 
    Family ID  F301  Group Sheet