North Cowton



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Robinson, John  1690North Cowton I841 Welbank1 
2 Welbancke, George  Abt 1505North Cowton I1077 Welbank1 
3 Welbancke, Isabel  1575North Cowton I1079 Welbank1 
4 Welbancke, John  Abt 1480North Cowton I1076 Welbank1 
5 Welbancke, Ralph  Abt 1530North Cowton I1075 Welbank1 
6 Welbancke, Robert  Abt 1530North Cowton I1078 Welbank1 
7 Welbancke, William   I1074 Welbank1 
8 Welbank, Alice  Abt 1677North Cowton I1029 Welbank1 
9 Welbank, Ann  Abt 1666North Cowton I1027 Welbank1 
10 Welbank, Christopher  1651North Cowton I579 Welbank1 
11 Welbank, Edward  Abt 1565North Cowton I1040 Welbank1 
12 Welbank, Edward  1626North Cowton I1034 Welbank1 
13 Welbank, Elizabeth  1633North Cowton I1036 Welbank1 
14 Welbank, Elizabeth  1662North Cowton I1025 Welbank1 
15 Welbank, Ellen  1663North Cowton I1054 Welbank1 
16 Welbank, George  1591North Cowton I1032 Welbank1 
17 Welbank, George  Abt 1630North Cowton I1038 Welbank1 
18 Welbank, George  1664North Cowton I1026 Welbank1 
19 Welbank, Isabell  1680North Cowton I809 Welbank1 
20 Welbank, John  Abt 1415North Cowton I1070 Welbank1 
21 Welbank, John  1599North Cowton I1043 Welbank1 
22 Welbank, John  1634North Cowton I1023 Welbank1 
23 Welbank, John  Abt 1657North Cowton I62 Welbank1 
24 Welbank, John  1675North Cowton I1006 Welbank1 
25 Welbank, John  1682North Cowton I3 Welbank1 
26 Welbank, John  May 1703North Cowton I1009 Welbank1 
27 Welbank, Margrett  1638North Cowton I1037 Welbank1 
28 Welbank, Mary  North Cowton I1044 Welbank1 
29 Welbank, Mary  1616North Cowton I64 Welbank1 
30 Welbank, Mary  1679North Cowton I1030 Welbank1 
31 Welbank, Phyllis  1596North Cowton I1042 Welbank1 
32 Welbank, RIchard  1657North Cowton I1053 Welbank1 
33 Welbank, Robert  Abt 1585North Cowton I63 Welbank1 
34 Welbank, Robert  1593North Cowton I1041 Welbank1 
35 Welbank, Robert  1627North Cowton I1035 Welbank1 
36 Welbank, Robert  Abt 1655North Cowton I41 Welbank1 
37 Welbank, Robert  1672North Cowton I1031 Welbank1 
38 Welbank, Robert  1709North Cowton I1010 Welbank1 
39 Welbank, Sith  1659North Cowton I1052 Welbank1 
40 Welbank, Sith  Abt 1668North Cowton I1028 Welbank1 
41 Welbank, Sith  Abt 1670North Cowton I1058 Welbank1 
42 Welbank, Thomas  Abt 1445?North Cowton I1073 Welbank1 
43 Welbank, William  1703North Cowton I1008 Welbank1 
44 Welbank, William  1705North Cowton I1005 Welbank1 
45 Welbanke, An  1659North Cowton I61 Welbank1 
46 Welbanke, George  1628North Cowton I59 Welbank1 
47 Welbanks, Fortunatus  Abt 1660North Cowton I774 Welbank1 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 An  1632North Cowton I1047 Welbank1 
2 Elizabeth  1658North Cowton I1048 Welbank1 
3 Mary  1695North Cowton I1024 Welbank1 
4 Myles, Ann  1678North Cowton I1039 Welbank1 
5 Robson, Ann  1728North Cowton I1007 Welbank1 
6 Welbancke, Isabel  1656North Cowton I1079 Welbank1 
7 Welbancke, Robert  1580?North Cowton I1078 Welbank1 
8 Welbancke, William   I1074 Welbank1 
9 Welbank, Edward  1672North Cowton I1034 Welbank1 
10 Welbank, John  Abt 1440North Cowton I1071 Welbank1 
11 Welbank, John  1662North Cowton I1043 Welbank1 
12 Welbank, John  1684North Cowton I1023 Welbank1 
13 Welbank, John  1732North Cowton I1006 Welbank1 
14 Welbank, Robert  1641North Cowton I63 Welbank1 
15 Welbank, Robert  1661North Cowton I1041 Welbank1 
16 Welbank, Robert  1671North Cowton I1035 Welbank1 
17 Welbank, Robert  1782North Cowton I1010 Welbank1 
18 Welbanke, George  1669North Cowton I59 Welbank1 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Welbank, John  1444North Cowton I1070 Welbank1 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Welbank, Christopher  North Cowton I579 Welbank1 
2 Welbank, John  1444North Cowton I1070 Welbank1 
3 Welbanke, George  North Cowton I59 Welbank1 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Scot / Welbank  1699North Cowton F275 Welbank1 
2 Theakston / Welbank  1635North Cowton F189 Welbank1 
3 Welbank /   1633North Cowton F220 Welbank1