Richard William's Garden, Broughton Road, Banbury.


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All Welbanks living today in UK are descended from Richard Welbank 1809-1874 - Newsagent & Bookseller of 21 Sloane Square, Chelsea. ...

Michael Welbank's branch of the tree descends from Richard's son John Henry; the other two branches from Richard's son Richard William.

Richard's second wife was Mary Ann Hawkins (descendant of Admiral Sir John Hawkins of Spanish Armada fame) and this tree/site includes links back to the Admiral taken from the Harvey/Coney tree.

Researched largely by Paul (I001) and Margaret (I037)

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A message to Welbank and connected family members

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Various entry points to the tree.

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What's been done and what a lot left to do!

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Hints on How to Edit your Branch of the Tree

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